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  • Story Title: silver lining
  • Story Created: Thursday, May 12, 2016, 4:41:00 AM
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  • Chapter Created: Thursday, May 12, 2016, 4:43:00 AM
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Our story Our family is a small and new family, whom has been thru a lot. Mother: Kelly, Son: Tony, and Father: Val. Family's Past history. Kelly and Val meet years ago. And moved onto a Tiny boat together 50sq ft trimaran. As time went on they lived on a number of small boats trying to find something that fit them. Presented with a job offer and good life in HI they moved onto a 75' yatch, that was well equipped for the trip to HI. Then Kelly got pregnant, when she was about 6 months along during the move, About 150 miles out to sea the frame of the boat started to brake due to poor wood and weather. During that time Val saved kellys life, while trying to escape in a life raft , the 40' swells kept pushing the raft with Kelly in it under the yatch, Val put himself in between and fought of the raft. They have been inseparable since. They were adrift for almost 2 weeks and finally rescued by the USCG. They lost everything they owned. The baby did survive. Then Forced bye no other means, they moved to south CA, where Kelly's mother lived, Nicknamed the "devil's armpit". With in 2 months they had an Apartment and most everything was replaced. Tony there baby boy is now 1 years old. They want to have a good home and land for there son. Val's medical situation has gotten worse over the years. He worked most of his life but can not anymore, his income is 750 a month, and Kelly's is none, until she get on SSI (and she is going to get it), but when she dose, her first check it will be a good amount. There current situation. They live in CA but want to move to TX. They feel that the Great state of TX is there home. They are renting in CA now, but want to own a tiny home or very small house. They are a close nit family and feel that a large home would pull them apart. They plan on saving up the funds and then go for it. Family personal and medical backgrounds Kelly is young women and full of pep. She loves kids and making homemade crafts. but is now disabled after giving birth she was diagnosed with a overgrown heart, and a hernia causing her to look overweight. She is not. But she can not have surgery due to her heart. Among other things. Kellys credit is Fair but not recent its 6 years old. Val worked hard most of his life, 2 or 3 jobs at a time as a Executive Sue Chef and a Survivalist Guru. He lost all his teeth in a crash, He was born with a number of issues and has lived a very hard life. He was born a Hermaphrodite (Full working not intersexed or (intergender), No you cant SEE!, well medically documented ), Arnold–Chiari malformation (ACM) and Xeroderma pigmentosum (XP mild). He has had a few kids The first he gave birth to. He was raped at 16 and gave the boy up for adoption. The others he fathered, the 2nd one the mother moved without explaining, just left after the birth (boy). The next was a girl, val raised he by himself till she was 3, she was kidnapped by the mother, molested by her mother and her boy toy and then given custody to a stranger with the courts help. In a long court battle Val lost everything, even the court case, for a number of reasons, blackmail due to his gender, and wealth status were among a few, but he was never a bad father. Tony is the last, Val and Tony have a good bond and Val wants the world for him, he is an good dad. Val's medical situation is catching up with him, he is dying, he needs brain, back and foot surgery. His lower back is starting to seize up, he limps and wobbles when he walks. Vision goes in and out blurred. He is not doing well with the doctors in California. Currently he uses a walker and walking stick, but may be in a wheel chair in a few years. He Also has sever memory lapses long and short term and seizers (now mild ones). Val's credit, well he has lived off the grid, homeless in tents, on boats, and with friends, for years, so he has none. The Family's Goals. Build up there credit. Move to TX. Buy custom built home or tiny home. Buy land. Live where the heart and star is, enjoy life while they have it. Not worrie about bills but spend the little time they have left together. TX is there best option, as you may know CA prices are going up, and there is No way they will ever get anywhere in CA. They want to home school Tony, so being close to schools dose not matter. There only requirement and need is to be close to a store or local bus. They are not picky and are open to any and all things. They do not drive or have a car. They do not have any real assets. YET. Our story is far from complete, and our journey has still many bends and turns to travel but we keep trying, we keep living, we keep persisting, that's all we can do. Thank you for your time.



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