• Chronicling lives brings rich rewards
    "You decide whether you want to share the story with everyone, with just family, anonymously, or keep it completely private. The story is yours alone. It can be kept private for a year, a decade, or a century."

    JOE ROBERTSON  -  The Best Times Magazine
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  • KCPT - PBS - TV has selected ImaStory to present a workshop that will be available to 7,000 teachers and 93,000 students in Missouri and Kansas. For a preview create an account and log in, then open Tutorial and Click on Children Writing Their Parents and Grandparents Life Stories. Our goal is that every school in the country gets students to interview their parents and grandparents and writes their life stories. Imagine the wealth of information and wisdom that would surface.

    Rolland Love
  • My father proposed to my mother on an October night in 1951 bearing seemingly heavy news.

    He was 20. She was 18. They sat outside my mom’s parents’ Tulsa, Okla., home in the 1939 Chevy Sedan Delivery my dad drove home on a weekend from medical school in Chicago.

    “I want you to marry me,” he said. “But before you answer me, you need to know we’ll never have a place to call home.”

    That would be true over the next 25 years, though not in the way they imagined.

    JOE ROBERTSON  -  The Kansas City Star
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  • Leveraging the power of as a unique and convenient method of writing, storing and sharing stories of your life, with the genuine curiosity of children, has developed and released a new feature of its' ever expanding usefulness.

    Now available to schools and educational institutions comes

    ImaStoryEd provides students and budding writers with the tools needed to capture and chronicle their own lives and the lives of their family members. Educational institutions can 'Private Label' ImaStory to give students, faculty and families a resource to elevate their level of involvement with the lives of those closest to them. The 'Private Label' option is free to educational and not-for-profit institutions.

    With detailed lesson plans and easy to use tutorials, students can interview, discuss and document the lives of grandparents and family members. Each chapter they create is added to the life story of the subject, giving the life of the subject a unique depth as could only be seen from those closest to them. Best of all, the submitted chapters are fully controlled by the story owner allowing them to keep the 'Co-Authored' chapters private, shared with their other 'Co-Authors', shared anonymously with the world at large, or fully shared with every human being.

    Imagine the wealth of information and wisdom that would surface not only to be shared among families and friends but residents of the communities as well. Not just today, next week or next year, but for the future generations that never will get the privilege of personally knowing those that had such a big impact on their very existence.

  • Mark Twain once said, "There was never yet an uninteresting life." ImaStory is a powerful program created on this premise.

    ImaStory is a Free website that allows users to create a story they can share with their friends and their family, a story that can be kept private or broadcast to the world.

    This website can be used by all ages, from seniors writing their memoirs to young people interviewing parents and grandparents. If life is a journey, then ImaStory is a way to help us preserve the memories and the feelings that are part of all of us. Simply, click on Create Account, Confirm, Log In, My Story and write it with the aid of our easy to use Tutorial Guide.

    Rolland LoveAuthor / Family Historian