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In 1993, I thought of the next 5 years as being light years away.  The only things I were planning was when and where I would meet for happy hour on Friday and what girl could I could meet while I was there.  In 1998, that is exactly what I had become: happy hour and  non committed relationships.   I had received exactly what I had thought about over the previous 5 years.  Nothing more. Nothing less.
Whatever you believe our creator to be, it has given to us the undeniable ability to choose our thoughts.  Most of us allow social events and opinions of others to influence our thoughts.  We let others do the thinking for us.  Commercial advertisers know this and we buy their products.
Conscious thoughts repeated over and over again become subconscious thoughts.   Subconscious thoughts need no effort to arise. They’re automatic.  Confident, happy, enthusiastic thoughts and cynical, angry, fearing thoughts. It doesn’t matter.  You’re subconscious mind will reap what you sow.
 And the good new is, it is your choice.   You are and have become the sum total of all your thoughts over the previous 5 years. Subsequently, you will become the sum total of all your thoughts 5 years >from now.  Take a look at where you are in life. Be honest with yourself. What do you have to lose?  I’ll bet every thing you’ve accumulated in your life is directly related to what you have thought about every day for the last 5 years.  Do you think of what you lack? Your subconscious will cause you to do the things that will bring “lack” into your life. What about money?  Do you stress about the bills? .. or not having the right job?…I’ll bet stress is alive and thriving in your life! What about relationships?   I’ll bet your subconscious mind has established the relationships that you think about most!
Throughout the history of the world, philosophers and religions have disagreed on many things.  But they have all agreed on one thing …only one!  You become what you think about.  Read that sentence again.  Most people hear it, but don’t truly understand it. You become that which you think about most of the time.  We place value on material, replaceable things and very little value to the most irreplaceable thing of all.  Our freedom of thought.  Thoughts establish Habits, Attitudes, and Emotions…theses establish Action. Productive action consistant to our success, Destructive action, or Non-Action.  It doesn’t matter whether they’re good or bad.  Your subconscious doesn’t care.  It reaps what you sow.
If your not happy with the money your making or the relationships you have, begin immediately to change your thoughts.  It takes practice, but you do get better and better.
Point of View
This is a great time to be alive.  There is more opportunity today then ever before for everyone.
As time goes on,  it seem tragedies, as sad as they are, get smaller and smaller.
The tragic high school shooting, bombings, and senseless raging drivers are nothing compared to social challenges of the 60’s.   Civil right tentions, assasination of Martin Luther King, Assassination on JFK, Vietnam activists.  The challenges of the 60’s were nothing compared to that of the 40’s with the bombing of Perl Harbor, Holicaust.  The challenges of the 40’s were light compared to that of the 20’s with the Great Depression.  Go back to the challenges of people went through during the Civil War days.  Our challenges of  today are minor compared to any time in history.  It is so easy to be gratefull. It could be much worse.  And it is for some people.  There is always someone who’d love to trade problems with you.  Remember the homeless man who was depressed because he had no shoes….until he met the man who had no feet.  Problems will always be there.  What millionaire doesn’t have problems.  Taxes, employees, law suites, relationships. Success does not come before the attitude.  The attitude comes first.


Your mind is a muscle and can be conditioned like any other muscle in your body.
To change you habit of thought, remember it will take time.  There are no shortcuts in life.  When your life hasn’t drastically changed in one week, and it won’t. Don’t quit.  Commit. Remember, this takes practice.  Know that 5 years from now you be exactly where you thoughts take you. 



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