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My favorite Mark Twain quote: I've lived through some terrible things in my life and some of them actually happened. I start every Life History and Lewis and Clark workshop with this one.

Be happy to the success of others. Know that there is enough for everyone.  Jealousy, Envy, Cynicism, Fear, Selfishness, and Hatred will surely tear you down.   Reread the chapter on Thoughts to ensure that you understand how the subconscious delivers.
Laugh at yourself and the World laughs with you.  Laugh at others and the World laughs at you.  Find humor in your experiences. As long as you know that 5 years from now, you’ll be doing great, there is no need to worry about now.  Worry causes stress.  Stress causes irritable emotions.  This is negative.  95% will say, “But the reality is….”  NO!  Do NOT use The Excuse.  Your reality will be what you make of it.  5 years from now you’ll be laughing about it.  No one ever amounted to anything without overcoming adversity. Besides, there are millions of people who’d be glad to have your problems. As long as you don’t violate the laws of god or mankind how bad can your situation really be?

This may sound like a cliché, but the fact that you are reading this includes you with the Top 5% of the population.  I used to wonder, “why do inspirational speaker always refer us in this top 5% group?”  I did not feel better.  I wasn’t making a ton of money. 95% of the population doesn’t search for answers.  If you try to give them answers without them asking, they become defensive.  Religions experience this.  Trying to discuss mental programming and success concepts to the 95% is like pushing religion on someone who is not religious. It doesn’t work.  To be searching for answers puts you into the top 5%.  The answers will come to you.  And because there is no limits to improvement, you’ll see people who’d already pass the millions dollar mark attending motivational seminars.  You have accepted responsibility to create your future.  It lies within you.  Within every Thought you have.  Do not hold anyone or anything accountable for your situation. As an adult with Free Will, it is your responsibility.

Don’t knock others down.  It will only keep you down.  You subconscious mind doesn’t separate the good from the bad.  You cannot hope someone else fail.  That is negative.  Your subconscious will create that hope into your own life.  The Subconscious cannot help it.  Again, it does not know bad from good.  It delivers into your life, that which you think about.  To the subconscious, fail is fail, it doesn’t matter who it is wished upon.  If you wish it on others, it will surely manifest itself in your life.  This is why the emotion “hate” is so destructible and “forgiveness” is so powerful. To bring peace into your life, you must be able to forgive.  Forgiveness will manifest peace into your life.   The majority of the population misuses the concept of Forgiveness.  Understand this…Forgiveness is not a whitewash used by people who hold themselves unaccountable for their actions.  Forgiveness is not for someone remorseful of consequences. Forgiveness is a gift from the victim only, and adequate for the soul who will learn, thereby improving moral character from actions remorsed….Again this is positive.  If you continue hold to any emotion, that emotion will definitely manifest itself into your life.  Understand the concept of Abundance.  You don’t have to knock someone down to get to the top.  No one gets to the top alone.  They do it by taking others with them.  They contribute to the cause.

Life is a classroom.  We are all students and teachers.  As students, we learn Values from those who give us pleasure.  Values can be good or bad depending on where they come from, whether those Values come from Mom and Dad or a street gang.  As students, we seek opportunities to grow through experiences.  We have the opportunity to learn Characteristics and Traits from those who give us pain.  For example, you cannot learn Forgiveness or Patience from someone who makes you feel good.  If we choose not to learn the Character lesson at this time, don’t worry. It the painful experience will come around again and again until we finally get the hint.

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