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  • Story Title: Brandis life story
  • Story Created: Friday, November 16, 2012, 3:27:00 AM
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  • Right now im going to tell you my story from my perspective it started in 2006.It was my six birthday all my life i was a single child free to do as i please and get what i want but its suprized me how fast that could change.It all started with my moms friend coming to live with us her name was danielle it was a couple weeks after christmas when it happend i woke up to find my dad was gone in the middle of the night and my mom was sleeping i walked to the kitchen then stoped i froze in shoke as i watched my beloved father kiss my moms friend.After a couple weeks i told my mom and i hated my self for doing so as my mom left my dad i remeber looking at the car windo watching my dad cry in the driveway tears fild my eyes as i felt my heart start to break.Me and my mom moved in with my grandma my mom got depressed and stared drinking day and night she even got a job at a bar and would stay there all night.I felt so alone the only time i ever spent time with my mom is when she was telling me goodbye as she left for work.After a year of that going on she met my step dad he turned her life around a year later my mom was carrying my stepdads baby. My little brother was later born he was named bruce and then pain hit my chest the day he was born.My step dad said he wanted to talk to me to we sat down and taled as he told me he wanted my mom and brother to move to porland and he wanted me to live with my grandma till my brother was three.All i could think of is why would i be a bother if i wanted to go live with my mom.I told him i will not live with my grandma i told him i want to be apart of my brothers life i want to watch him grow to be a handsome young man like i know he will be one day.So i moved to partlad with my mom my the time my brother was 3 my mom was carrying another one of my step dads babys.When he was born i was so happy i want to being an only child to being a big sister my new brothers name was titus.we continued to live in portland but we moved a lot. We would move about every 2 moths but soon later we were homless so we moved in with my step dads parents.It was hard my step dad worked my mom always had stuff to do so i sat at home and baby sat for my mom.People always would tell me a 12 year old girl like me should not have to deal with what i deal with.But i dident care for some reason even know i have people who love me and are always around me but for some reason i feel all alone in this world.My brothers and me became so close we were all doing fine till my step dad started geting  weird my mom too .My mom and step dad missed my baby brother titus 3ed birthday it was only me and my brother bruce there on his birthday.Soon later we got kicked out we started living in a hotel room for weeks then we moved back in with my step dads parents.Then things got worse my step dad became mean and abuseive to my mom and brothers i couldent stand it i was always depressed and sad with the feeling that i wanted to protect my mom and brother but couldent.I started be protective over my mom and brothers soon later i moved to my dads so worryed for my mom and brothers feeling bad for leaving them in a place lake that so i could be safe  how selfish of me but thing turned good my step dad went to jail and my mom started becoming more happy after my step dad got out they got back togther slowley and welt to marrige groups to sove problem and now my mom is happy and now is carrying my step dads baby girl due at the end of november 2012.smiley



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