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  • Story Title: North Pole
  • Story Created: Monday, March 24, 2014, 11:02:00 PM
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Robert is by no means a city dweller. He is an experienced and avid adventurer from Austria who works as a doctor and certified mountain guide. He has been to the top of all of the world's seven highest mountain summits many times ...including Mt Everest. He also did a solo ski to the South Pole. But as soon as we hit the ice here he was candid in saying that the cold weather of the North Pole is just different and more challenging. You have to remember that we are floating on a few feet of ice above the 13,000 Arctic Ocean. There are lots of "leads" that are breaks in the ice. This creates unimaginable moisture in the air. When it hits 25 below, the cold is just different. The good news is Robert will be fine. He is a delightful man and his company will be missed. And please Don't worry, Mark and I are operating at 100 percent and rest assured - looking at the blackened toes of a teammate commands our full and careful attention. We will remain safe and northward bound. Following Robert's departure we woke up and gained another 10 miles. We are now 1/4 of the way to the top of the world. It's now 11 pm and we are about to go to sleep. We will see what challenges tomorrow brings... P.S. Steven, good luck in Tennis and have fun! Chloe, safe driving!